The grocery industry is complex and requires careful execution in order to succeed We see a lot of traditional format supermarkets throughout the U.S. The standard supermarket sells pretty much the same types of bread, meat, milk, and cereal all over the country. To create customer loyalty and please customers, retailers need to offer more contemporary products that can help differentiate them from their competitors. That is what private label is all about- an effort to offer consumers a specific brand that offers value, creativity and personality.

The same rules affect the manufacturer. It is easy to churn out the same product that everyone else has, using the same equipment and the same format as everyone else in the industry. Innovative products, however, give a manufacturer an edge. Innovation is not limited to products alone but can play out in packaging and labeling as well. Bode encourages manufacturers to reach beyond the familiar to offer new and reconceived products.

Bode International creates partnerships with retailers and manufacturers. But the real value comes in creating partnerships between the branded company and the retailer, or consumer. Our access to retailers and our long history with manufacturers helps us create new channels of trade. For example, when Safeway decided to develop their line of O Organics, they turned to Bode International to help connect the best suppliers with the best products to support O Organics. Today, O Organics is regarded as the largest organic brand in the U.S.