• Product development

    Product development and innovation are where Bode focuses its energies. Bode’s history of working with non-traditional channels of retailing has yielded innovative products like Italian Blood Orange Soda and flax flour pasta. Bode works with a variety of companies that conduct primary research for new product development.

  • Support

    The range of support offered by Bode includes strategic planning, product selection and sourcing, ongoing logistical assistance, facilities assessment, quality control audits, branding and marketing support and product education. Additionally, Bode’s services include managing label development, provision of spec sheets, assistance with governmental compliance issues, and drafting romance copy or point of sale information.

  • ongoing support

    When warranted, Bode International will place personnel on-site with our partners to provide ongoing support. Depending on the size of the program, this is a commitment Bode makes in order to ensure careful ongoing attention to the program’s growth and success.