Portfolio Category: Product


Internationally, Bode has partners throughout Europe (with a special emphasis on Italy), South Africa, Canada, and Australia. In the case of international partners Bode works with branded as well as private label products to provide access to retailers.
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Product development is not limited to the grocery channel. Bode has experience in developing products for food service, educational programs and other markets. In general, in the case of food and non-food product development, Bodes vendor partners have proven adaptable and responsive to all opportunities in the market.
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Over the years Bode has focused specifically on organic, natural and green products. Categories include dry grocery, health and beauty aids, dairy, frozen entrees and desserts, vitamins and supplements, imports, pet foods, and several other areas. Though a strong emphasis on natural products is part of Bode’s heritage, our background with Costco, Safeway and other…
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