Bode has been influential in the natural products channel. But as markets and products mature, the line between natural and mainstream products becomes harder to discern. Shoppers around the globe are embracing new products and opting for healthier foods.

In addition to introducing innovative products, the industry is also moving into newer packaging materials. The use of recycled plastic in producing plastic containers is emerging. More research is being conducted on bio-degradable and compostable packaging materials. In the area of household cleaners, we have seen breakthroughs in products that are not only free of caustic ingredients, but that can be used in grey water applications as well.

Two other major developments in the grocery industry are internationalization and localization. Products ship from country to country unimpeded and the demand for imports grows annually. At Bode, we have always favored sourcing locally when feasible. Not at the expense of quality, but for the sake of reducing the carbon footprint and for helping consumers connect to their regional offerings.